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During the year the sakura trees remain only covered in leaves, and are bare in the winter, but towards the beginning of spring they bloom, decorating the parks with their appearance of pink and white clouds. Sakura サクラ is an inviting clicker game starring one of the spring key players, the cherry blossom; the experience lasts around 3 minutes. It’s short, but deeply meaningful. Enjoy.

Spring 2D Jam

This minimalist game experience was made for the Spring 2D Jam 2021 hosted by Theo Clarke. The theme for this jam was "Growth!". The time limit was 48 hours.

How to play

Left click on mouse in each bud to blossom them. Then just relax and discover how the sakura blossoms growth in SPRING. Reload page if you want to feel the experience again.


Idea: Marco Nicolau

Design: Marco Nicolau

Programming: Marco Nicolau, Enno Nordenberg

Art: Smashicons, macrovector. Sakura tree icon by bqlqn (Flaticon)

Music: Minyo San Kyoku - Doug Maxwell_ Zac Zinger

Sounds: Freesounds

Fonts: Liberation Sans (Default Unity), Impact by Geoffrey Lee

Thanks for playing. Enjoy :)


SakuraPC.zip 22 MB
SakuraMAC.zip 24 MB


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Naisu and Kawaii..



This is so pretty! 

Thanks!! :D


This is very unusual and strange, I like it. I think if you make a continuation and make poems in the Japanese style, you can get an interesting game with a philosophical meaning. :)


Wow! thanks for playing an also for tips, for sure I'll think about to make more chapters in the future :D




"minimalist art game" nothing more to say, good meditating experience, congrats :D

Hi! thank you for your time replying my game idea. For this one I wanted to focus more on the experience. Glad if you played! :D